Thursday, July 25, 2013

First Post, 2004 330Ci Japanrot

The E46; a chassis with many different faces and customizations. Also, it marks the last run of the naturally aspirated 3-series.  
Back when a 328 was powered by a 2.8L and a 330 housed a 3.0L six. Tried and true.

Photo shot from my friend's 2001 Laguna Blue Dinan S2 M3, driving through NJ on I-195, coming back from Bimmerfest 2013 in Maryland. 

Photo of me driving on the Tail of The Dragon, US-129, in Tennessee. Wicked curves, drove over 300 of them, twice.

The curves on that eleven-mile mountainous strip are scary.  There were many times that the upcoming change in elevation was so radical that i thought my car might dive right into the pavement.

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